The Competition

First Season

In July 2019, the first season starts. Teams from all over the world race at 3 European circuits. The contestants range from private teams to high-tech student teams, from stock bikes to completely new designed prototypes.
The Open eSBK is a truly innovative championship. The technical regulations only make sure that safety standards are respected, but apart from that, teams are free to innovate. There are e.g. no limits on aerodynamics & drivetrain and there won’t be any in the future either! We hope the teams will come up with many innovations and that these will find their way to regular motor manufacturers.

Races per weekend
European countries

Long Term

The Open eSBK redefines the definition of racing. Due to its innovative aspect, developments will go very fast. Within 10 years, bikes in the Open eSBK are competitive with MotoGP bikes. Open eSBK will become a full-fledged electric racing competition, breaking lap records of every petrol bike. On top of that, in 2030 it will have laid the ground of many astonishing innovations that will by then be taken for granted.

Rules & Regulations

Machines competing in the 2019 Open eSBK must comply with the Open eSBK Technical Regulations (TR). The TR are subject to amendments made by the Open eSBK Technical Committee. Newer versions including amendments will be issued by means of a bulletin on the Open eSBK website ( and by communication to registered racing teams.


The Open Electric Superbike Competition is a fully electric moto racing competition. It is a new cup, starting its very first season in July 2019. Are you interested in electric racing and do you want to join the competition? Fill in the form and stay tuned!

Application opens end of January

The form can be used to show your interest, the application for teams will open by the end of January. By expressing your interest, Open eSBK will keep you personally updated about the competition and application.