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After the successful demo race in May, everything is ready for the first real race of the Open eSBK! This event will be held during the Gamma Racing Day. The weekend has multiple sessions: free practices, qualifications and races. During the final race, over 80.000 spectators will be present. This is a unique opportunity: a very large audience for an open electric class! 


The Open eSBK is a truly open competition. Anyone with an electric motorcycle can join! 
Please note that a racing license is required.

We understand that not everybody has an electric motorcycle yet and that many of you want to try one out. That is why we partnered with Electric Motorcycles Nederland, who offers different electric motorcycles for rent for the Gamma Racing Day. This means that for an attractive price you can try out an electric motorcycle and participate in a real race on TT Assen.  

The prices are for the entire weekend, which include sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:

Energica Ego (107 kW): €749,-
Energica Eva (80 kW): €499,-
Energica EsseEsse9 (80 kW): €499,-
Zero SR (22 kW): €349,-
Brammo Empulse (22 kW): €349,-

The wear of the tires is included in the price and the motorcycles can be stickered. There is only a participation fee of €300 for the entire weekend of the Gamma Racing Day. This means that an all included weekend of exciting racing will cost only between €649 and €1049 for 5 exciting sessions on a world famous track! To put that in perspective, the price of a new electric motorcycle varies between €18k to €25k.

Damage deductable: Energica Ego: €5000, Energica Eva: €3000, Energica EsseEsse9: €3000, Zero SR: €3000, Brammo Empulse R: €2000


How much does it cost to participate?
It costs €380,- for the whole weekend

Do I need to buy tires?
Yes, but we are trying to arrange a tire-deal

Do I need to pay for charging the bikes?

Do I need a special license to race?
You need an international racing license or a day-license. You can get one if you have followed the racing license course once. 

Do I need a special insurance to race?
The license includes a health insurance policy 

How fast are the bikes?
Depending on the class, top-speed is between 190 and 260 km/h

Can I join with my own electric bike?
Yes, we created three different classes so that every type of bike can join a competitive competition

I have no experience as a racing driver, can I still join?
Everyone can become a racing driver! Just make sure you follow a racing license course and you’re ready. Please ask us for a time and date for the course 

How do I register?
Fill in the form at the bottom of the page. We will get in touch after you sent the form!

How much time will it cost in total?
The main Gamma Racing Day is the whole Sunday. The friday before are the qualifications and a first race. 

What happens if I crash my bike?
If you crash the bike, the health costs are covered by the license. Unfortunately, the repairs on the bike are not

What happens if I damage a rented bike?
The deductables depend on the model and are listed in the renting section above


By filling in the form below, you apply for the first real race of the Open eSBK! Now that’s exciting! After your application is submitted, we will contact you for some additional details about the racing weekend.

If you still have any questions, please contact us at: