Open eSBK racing weekend cancelled

The racing weekend of the Open eSBK has been cancelled after an unfortunate incident. An electric bike of the prototype class caught fire and two people were taken to hospital and treated for minor burn injuries. The bike could not be saved. Thanks to the quick and adequate reactions of the paddock staff, other teams, on-track fire department and the organisations safety precautions, other material damages were kept to a minimum. Nevertheless it was decided to cancel the rest of the Open eSBK race weekend.

We strongly sympathise with all people involved and the team, who lost their custom bike after a year worth of hard work. The racing industry is about pushing boundaries. Where electric road bikes have been safely out on the streets for manyyears now, electric racing is still relatively young and in development. The Open eSBK strives to facilitate electric motor racing in a manner as safe as possible, and will continue to do so in the future. Despite all this, we are very glad that all involved are currently doing well.

We thank all teams, riders, and TT Assen circuit safety and medical personnel for their help this whole weekend and with this incident specifically.