Press Release – KNMV starts road racing competition for electric motorcycles

Full press release: 20190405 Press release_KNMV starts road racing competition for electric motorcycles

Are you progressive and do you like an awesome challenge on your bike? Register for Open eSBK! This year, for the first time ever, the Royal Dutch Motorcycle Association (KNMV) organises two Open eSBK weekends in cooperation with Open eSBK. Both during huge events: the Ducati Club Races (24 May 2019) and the Gamma Racing Day (16 August 2019), both on the TT Circuit of Assen.

The Open eSBK is a new, fully electric competition for electric motorcycles. A unique opportunity for electric racing teams and electric motorcycle owners to show the true potential of their machines and themselves. Anyone can join: whether you are a newbie on the track, or an experienced racer. There are different classes for street motorcycles and prototype racing machines.

Organizer Jeroen Goudswaard: “There is special circuit time reserved for electric motorcycles only. This is very unique, the beginning of an era! We hope that current electric motorcycle owners, as well as manufacturers will join. Together we can show how fun electric mobility is!”

In cooperation with Electric Motorcycles Nederland, its possible to rent an electric motorcycle for a weekend, and join the fun! Please contact us for more information.

See you at Open eSBK 2019!

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