Press release – Open Electric Superbike Competition: the new 2019 race class

Full press release: 20190801 Press release_Open eSBK – The new 2019 race class

Open Electric Superbike Competition: the new 2019 race class

In 2019, a new electric motorcycle racing competition will start: the Open Electric Superbike Competition. The competition will bring electric racing teams from all over the world together in Europe.

The Open eSBK has a very clear mission statement: accelerate the move to electric mobility. This is done by creating a platform for sustainable research and innovation, and by inspiring generations to adopt electric mobility by showing that the future is fast, fun, and exciting.

Director Jeroen Goudswaard is very excited about the upcoming season. “We will have more than 15 teams on the starting grid. Electric superbikes already have more than 100 kW power output, so this will be a very spectacular class!”

The organization is currently in talks with promotors of motorsport events. “The inaugural season is a very unique one”, Goudswaard continues. “Up until now, there have been no classes that are open for both prototypes and modified stock bikes with so much electric power. We have opened up the rules to push teams to innovate so the competition opens with really cutting-edge technology.”

Races will be held in July and August. The full race calendar will be announced soon, and applications for teams open in the first week of February.

For a promotional video, follow this link: or visit the website: For any questions or interviews, please contact Jeroen Goudswaard (chairman): jeroen.goudswaard@openesbk.comor +31 6 52 51 96 44.


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