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17-18 August 2019

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We want to accelerate the move to electric mobility by creating a platform for sustainable research and innovation, and by inspiring generations to adopt electric mobility by showing that the future is fast, fun, and exciting.

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Last Race

Ducati Club Races

24-26 May, 2019
TT Circuit Assen

1. Kevin Groeneveld
2. Marchel Bulthuis
3. Ilja Caljouw
4. Jeroen Tielen 
5. Bas Claassens 
6. Bas van Liere

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Next Race

Gamma Racing Day (Cancelled)

16-18 August, 2019
TT Circuit Assen

There are still spots left, registrations are open!


Many teams from all nations and affiliations have already joined! Do you have an electric racing bike or are you building one, contact us! We would love to hear your story and input.


Business and innovation are inseparable. The Open eSBK cannot exist without help of the business world. Business can help the competition both financially and with exposure

The Open Electric Superbike Competition

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