The Open Electric Superbike Competition

Our mission

We want to accelerate the move to electric mobility by creating a platform for sustainable research and innovation, and by inspiring generations to adopt electric mobility by showing that the future is fast, fun, and exciting.

The Open Electric Superbike Competition

The Open Electric Superbike Competition is a full electric moto racing competition. It is a new cup, starting its very first season in May 2019. The goal: facilitating electric motorcycle racing, and thereby showing the world how fast and spectacular it can be!

Since the first memory of humankind, racing has been part of its existence. History has shown that we always strive towards improvement. We always want to go faster and further. This mindset is the basis of evolution. Technology and development have driven us to where we are today, entering a new era of electric transportation, with racing as the ultimate outcome of speed and technology.

In the 21th century, technological development is needed more than ever. We face enormous challenges. Arguably the most import one is the energy transition, from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Transportation is changing already, with electric vehicles becoming more and more in use. To really convince people to use clean energy, it has to be fast, fun and exciting. Speed and action trigger emotions, something racing accomplishes like nothing else. Electric racing is the future.

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Many teams from all nations and affiliations have already joined! Do you have an electric racing bike or are you building one, contact us! We would love to hear your story and input.


Business and innovation are inseparable. The Open eSBK cannot exist without help of the business world. Business can help the competition both financially and with exposure

The Open Electric Superbike Competition

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